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Casey's Song

He grew up in the suburbs
an ordinary kid.
Was friendly and respectful
in everything he did.

Was proud to be a Boy Scout
and display his uniform.
Learned self respect and discipline
and learned how to conform.

He had a group of friends and
he loved his family.
Was proud of where he lived and
the fact that he was free.

He knew that God would catch him
if he ever fell
He knew that God would never send
an altar boy to hell.

He solemnly swore on his honor
to be true to leaders and State.
He promised to keep himself healthy.
He swore to be morally straight.

He signed on as a soldier
because of what they said.
They overstated honor,
shoved glory in his head.

If he’d only be willing
he could be all he could be.
He’d surely make his family proud
and make some country free.

In boot camp they reformed him.
They readied him for war.
They taught him how to hate, check
compassion at the door.

He learned his life depended
on obeying their command.
Conformity was needed to
accomplish what they planned

They said he’d be safeguarding freedom
and soldiers must do what they’re told.
Their logic was filled with deception
and soon it began to unfold.

He went out on a mission,
the purpose wasn’t clear.
He learned he shouldn’t question.
He learned to hide his fear.

Within his mind he wondered.
He couldn’t stop his heart
from hammering his chest so hard
he thought he’d blow apart

He knew this was not about freedom.
Yes, doubt was invading his brain.
The landscape was war’s revelation,
the anguish, the torture, the pain.

He signed on as a soldier
because of how they lied.
If he knew then the things he learned
he never would have died.

Written by: Michael Bonanno
Lead vocal: Michael
Acoustic guitar, electric lead guitar
bass, drums: Michael

COPYRIGHT 2005 by Michael Bonanno
LOC Reg. #SRu625 - 213

Reproduction of “Casey's Song”
or any part therein without
the express written
permission of Michael
Bonanno is prohibited
unless the reproduction
meets The Copyright Act
“fair use” doctrine,
(title 17, U. S. Code)..

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album coverMICHAEL BONANNO: Flameland

Classic Rock Political Rock Folk Rock

Buy the CD

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